Document Hosting

  • iKindred’s document hosting service takes your scanned images and documents and enables easy and effective sharing of information inside your organization. Our processes will ensure that your documents are correctly organized into an electronic repository and ready for your retrieval through a web browser, at any time and from any internet enabled location.  Alternately, our hosting software can reside on your internal network, providing highly controllable access in your environment.
  • Our hosting service provides solutions for some of the largest challenges your business may face internally: security and accessibility of information. Rather than having a file room of documents that anyone has access to, users can be locked out from accessing specific images and documents. And instead of spending minutes and hours of sorting through files and stacks of paper, you can easily view, sort, and search for the documents that you need via image within seconds!


  • In addition to securing access to your documents, our redaction services can protect portions of documents from view.  For example, if a department in your organization is authorized to view client documents, but they are not permitted to view social security numbers, our team can redact documents so that all social security numbers are not available for viewing by that specific department.  We can securely “black out” sensitive data so it is no longer part of the document, or we can provide the coordinates of the sensitive data on each document so it can be blacked out at a moment’s notice by the appropriate personnel.
  • iKindred can prevent sensitive portions of documents from being viewed by unauthorized parties and complete the document security picture for your organization.
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