Our People, Our Values – at Your Service

You know that contagious glow you get after making a real difference to somebody?

That’s not an uncommon experience here at iKindred.  From your first interaction with us, you’ll notice our excitement for serving others in everything we do.  We tackle the business tasks that many find menial with passion! Whether we’re making or taking phone calls, processing documents, or redacting sensitive information, our personal service to you is driven by a commitment to live by our core values.

Louder Than Words

On our website, you’ll find a down-to-earth approach that demonstrates who we are, what we do, and most importantly, how we can serve you. Our contact center helps you to CONNECT to your customers.  Our document processing division provides efficient CAPTURE of incoming data.  And our document hosting and privacy redaction services enable you to SECURE critical and sensitive information.

So take a look around.  Meet a few members of our team. We believe by partnering with us, you’ll find that empowering the right people (us!) with a commitment to the right values (ours!) can transform the way you do business.

Find out how iKindred can serve you through investigating our CONNECT, CAPTURE and SECURE pages... Or click "Request a Quote" if you're ready to get started!
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